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BBQ Function Room

The following menus are the set BBQ menus that can be catered for (a minimum of 40 people) in the hall. Please note that a minimum charge for 40 people will apply for these functions.

If we have a group or groups booked for BBQ already there is no minimum group number, as we will add your booking to these groups.

Private Hall BBQ Bookings
The hall can be booked for Private Functions, a surcharge will apply. Please check with us about this.

Live Entertainment
Can be arranged by yourselves. We are happy to help to set up an area for the band.

Special BBQ Menu
We can also prepare a special BBQ menu to suit large groups by adding extra dishes and meat such as Venison Racks, Crayfish, Scallops, Salmon for the grill. You can also add carvery meats in conjunction with the BBQ such as Honey baked Hams, Roast Lamb, Seasoned Turkey. We also provide a selection of casseroles and/or pasta dishes to substitute for the hot dishes.

Wedding Barbecue Buffet
Should you choose a Barbecue Buffet for your Wedding, you can select the Combination Main Course Menu or the Dinner Party Combination Platter for the Bridal Table and it will be served to you and eliminate the problem of bridal table folk having to get their own food.

The rest of your guests will pick up their own food from the Barbecue. Also you could choose starters from that menu for people to nibble at during speeches.

Should you require any assistance with menu selection, please do not hesitate to contact our Function Manager – Barry Chilton who would be happy to discuss any options you may require.

Children's Price for all Buffets


Under 3 Free   3-5 Year's Old $17.90   Under 12 $22.50


Children may also eat from the children's menu:


Chicken Nuggets(5) $10.90

Chicken Breast $14.50
with Potato Mash, Vegetables & Gravy

Mini Hot Dogs (4) $10.90

Mini Steak $14.50
with Potato Mash, Vegetables & Gravy

Fish Bites (5) $10.90

Chicken Fettuccine $13.90
Chicken/Ham in a Creamy Cheese Sauce

Mixture of Above (2 pieces each) $11.50

Pork Sausage $13.90
With Gravy and Mashed Potato

Crumbed Fillet of Fish $14.50

Spaghetti with Toast $9.50

Cheese Toastie Sandwich $10.80

Kids Pancakes $10.50
2 Pancakes served with Maple Syrup,
Butter and a scoop of Ice Cream

Above meals served with chips and tomato sauce

Kids Dessert


Fruit Salad with Boysenberry Yoghurt Ice-cream $8.90

Ice-cream Sundaes  $8.90
Plain Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Boysenberry Yoghurt, Cookies & Cream, Creamy Chocolate

Ice-cream & Hot Fudge $8.90
2 scoops of Dark Chocolate
Ice-cream topped with hot Fudge Sauce

Donuts $8.90
A Donut filled with Cookies & Cream Ice-cream topped with a hot Fudge Sauce

Ice cream Cone $3.90
Plain Vanilla or Dark Chocolate, Boysenberry Yoghurt  or Cookies & Cream with 100's and 1000's topping

Chocolate Mud Fudge Slab $8.90
Piece of Dark Chocolate Fudge with
hot Fudge Sauce and Dark Chocolate Ice-cream

Kids Cookies $8.90
Chocolate Chip Cookie with coloured candy and 100's and 1000's with a scoop of Cookies & Cream Ice-cream

Spiders A great cool down $7.50


Calci Yum Chocolate Milk $2.50


For the same price as your choice of buffet, they may choose a main meal from our vegetarian selection on our a la carte menu, to replace the meat dishes, and then continue to eat from the vegetables, salads, and desserts bar at the buffet.